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There isn’t really enough information given to produce a specific sizing for a suitable generator as you would need to know the full system arrangements i.e.

· Type of starting method for each pump · If VSD starting, what type of VSD (i.e. standard 6 pulse, 12 pulse etc) · Starting sequence of pumps i.e. can any of the pumps be started at the same time or are they all staggered start.

Caterpillar have a good web based generator sizing calculator (requires registration) which gives their recommended generator set (engine / alternator) combinations for a given loading scenario which can be found here:

This calculator produced a caterpillar alternator sizing of 1750kVA based of the pumps being VSD (6 pulse) controlled and started in groups of two at a time i.e. 4 steps.

Although the website will give an idea of the size of the required generator I would definitely recommend that the advice of the generator supplier is sort as to the sizing of the generator as they will know the most suitable generator set for any given scenario.


John C