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The gradient of the ramp should ideally be around 1:15 for ease of construction and safety. The steeper it is, the harder it will be to construct.

Not sure what type of fill material for the ramp is available locally but whether granular or cohesive material, it is important to thoroughly compact to refusal each layer preferably with a mechanical roller. Each compacted layer in the ramp should ideally be around 250mm.

The surface layer of the ramp should be finished with a stiffer material like asphalt or concrete. A thickness of about 100mm for asphalt or concrete will provide a good running surface and will last longer. If asphalt or concrete is not feasible then the top layer of about 250mm should be placed with a finely graded material to help seal the surface as much as possible. Also, if this top layer material could be mixed with some cement to produce a dry lean concrete mix and compacted as above then it will provide a more robust surface. If the ramp is finished with only unbound materials then it will be subject to increased deterioration and will need regular maintenance as the ramp will be a highly stressed area with slow moving trucks braking and accelerating.