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I have been working in Darfur and I have used a brick building with iron bars at the windows, no windows, and a wooden door. The roof had inside a simple cartoon chalk ceiling and over the usual corrugated iron high up and quite large to give maximum shadow.. I take you do not count in electricity, so did I. If you would have water or not is the next issue, with water you can get nice cooling by just keeping the roof little wet by a continuous drip of water. If no water, nor electricity, the most available ventilation under the most extensive shadow is the only way to get some cooling. In Darfur that was a nightmare when there were sand storms, and they were frequent. All had to be cleaned from the sand. Double roofing does some help. Watch the winds, it may be blown away if not properly done. I Have no idea of how or where you can get passive cooling design features. It sounds like income generating projects and conflict resolution techniques. But I keep my eyes open Regards, Giorgio Francia