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I have used these for chlorination of water in Haiti that was reasonably successful although did have some issues with spares and one specialist part that was needed that had been discarded in error.

Reasonably successful but points to watch out for are that there is a minimum pressure required for operation and that may be an issue in your gravity fed system. Also the operation at a trickle flow is not good and so you would need to ensure that there was a certain flow or no flow to get better results.

The other thing is that the sustained operation will depend on having a supply of spares and a reasonably skilled person to maintain the system.

Similar to all hypochlorite injection systems there will be scaling issues in hard water areas which will increase the maintenance requirement.

The dosing is reasonably flow proportional but there is no control of the actual residual and so the residual achieved will vary depending on the solution strength and this may vary as batches are made up and because of thermal decay of hypochlorite.