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Hi Martin, I've recently been made aware of an automatic chlorinator for community water supplies called ZIMBA, that is manufactured in India, It has been used in some WaterAid projects in India, but I don't have any feedback on its performance. The manufacturer states that it works without electricity, has no moving parts, weighs around 11 kg and can be easily transported, and installed to a community water source in 30 minutes requiring no special tools, it is capable of chlorinating water at the rate of 15 litres per minute and being community scaled, is more cost effective than domestic water disinfecting systems. These units have been installed, and are operational, in several countries including India, Bangladesh, Kenya and Dominican Republic - in projects run by various NGOs and research organisations including UNICEF, WaterAid, EAWAG, Switzerland, ICDDR, Bangladesh and The Hope Foundation. It has also been used in disaster situations like the Nepal earthquake and Rohingya Refugee crisis. The unit costs around 300 US dollars excluding shipping. Have a look at their website and see what you think. Frank Lawson