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Group Number of members Description
Ebola WASH TG 18 None
EWB-USA Experts 5
EngineerAid 23

EngineerAid is an international development charity, working to provide remote solutions to engineering and technology problems in the less economically developed countries by providing a platform to engineers to collaborate and solve problems.


This is Engineers Without Borders UK group. The organisation EWB UK leads a movement for change to embed global responsibility into the heart of engineering. Engineers Without Borders UK runs a number of ongoing initiatives both in the UK and around the world. Through these initiatives we are leading an agenda to change how we inspire people to become engineers, how our future engineers are educated and how practicing engineers can apply their skills to make a positive contribution as responsible global citizens.

WaterAid 198 None
Ebola Specialists 3

This group is for moderators of the KnowledgePoint Ebola site.

Please click here for specialists in the Ebola Technical Group.

RedR TSS 6
Water Aid 3 None
GSC Support 4
IMC WASH Advisors 6
WaterAid Moderators 2
RedR 126 None
KnowledgePoint 3533

This group is open to all KnowledgePoint registered users. Anyone can ask or answer a question – registering is free and the site is optimised for low-bandwidth conditions. Questions and Answers posted in this group cover every field of the humanitarian sector, and you can easily filter them according to your professional interests, by simply entering a key word in the search bar at the top. Our knowledge bank has grown over the years, with more than 900 contributions, in sectors ranging from engineering, to health care, to security.

WASHCost 5

This is a community to ask and answer questions on the life-cycle costs of water, sanitation and hygiene. Finance and service evaluation questions are also welcome. Moderated by IRC and the WASHCost Calculator team.

IMC Support 5
All 3
EWB-USA Energy 4
Practical Action 41

This is the Practical Action group. Practical Action is an international non-governmental organisation (NGO) that uses technology to challenge poverty in developing countries. Our strength is our approach. We find out what people are doing, and help them to do it better. Through innovative thinking and technical knowledge, we enable communities to build on their skills and experience to produce practical solutions to their most pressing needs. We believe the right idea can transform lives forever, allow people to live in dignity and protect the world.

Knowledge Point 50
Energy 20
IRC Wash 5 None
WaterAid Partners 7

This is a group dedicated to WaterAid partners.