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Net house cultivation

I would like to know about the possibilities of Vegetable crops diversification under net house cultivation up to maximum 2000 sq mt. field and its limitations. And, also what problems can be faced. And, what technologies can be used to maximize the yield in Net house.


The Climatic condition is Sub Tropical (India, New Delhi). I am looking for some information about net house cultivation for quality production. I want to know how much vegetables can be grown in a single net house without disturbing other crops' quality (in terms of cross pollination/pest attacks).

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It all depends on where the net house is going to be located, this will have a major impact on the kind of vegetables / plants that you can grow profitably. The second part is the investment that can be made available for the project. If you already have the net house in place have you looked into hydroponics to maximize the yield??

I may be able to give you more ideas if you can give more info on the climatic conditions that are applicable for this project.



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Complex question. What is the purpose of the net house? Why would you think that it is any different from open field crop diversification? It is a highly beneficial concept - mimicing nature as much as possible - crop rotation, companion planting ... The limitation is that it is more work to manage multiple crops than it is to manage one crop. As for technologies, their are many different approaches to yield improvement - mostly relating around soil fertility. Assuming all your other environmental conditions are in excess, then nutrient availability becomes your limiting factor, so considering the most effective way to provide the necessary nutrients to your plants. Also I would ask if you are interested in yield quantity or quality, that will also affect your options ...

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YES with 2000sqm net house you can do wonders. Think of what kind of vegetables you can get easy market with. for example 1. Fruit(y) vegetables like Brinjal, okra,tomato 2.Leafy vegetables (mint, spinach, lettuce, basil, cabbage), 3.Legumes (peas, dolichos,winged bean, red kidney bean) 4. cole crops (Cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts) 5.Tubers (raddish/ carrot/ beet root) 6.Guards/ cucumber etc

If you can provide with what type of vegetable you want in which month etc, we can come up with a layout/ plan on how we can accommodate such crops in that 2000sqm area.

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"I want to know how much vegetables can be grown in a single net house without disturbing other crops' quality (in terms of cross pollination/pest attacks)."

Are you assuming a greater variety of crops will cause more problems in this regard? The opposite is in fact possible. If you plant a whole field of one crop, and a problem starts in one corner, what is their to stop it spreading (other than you)? In contrast using multiple crops, if you select them carefully, different crops can be used as barriers (like a fence or hedge) to other crop's pests.

Also greater plant diversity would tend to lead to a greater diversity of pollination vectors. But a cautionary note, careful research into how to maximize the beneficial effects of crop diversity is very helpful, else you might get it wrong. Crop diversity can be beneficial, but isn't necessarily so.

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