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Manual pumps in Haiti

Manual pumps in Haiti ... there is a water reservoir that feeds a drip irrigation system downstream. At the moment a diesel pump is used to start the flow, which then continues by gravity. I was thinking that for such a small task a manual pump would make more sense. Is it easy to get one? And would it work you think?

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Practical Action has used treadle pumps which has positive displacement, again they would only work for relatively shallow depths. These can be positive displacement pumps and are good in the sense that they can be quite cheap. We used them in Nepal but I’m sure they are available in other locations, IDE has been using them in India. (

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The following has come in through RedR TSS

"It would be good to know a bit more why priming is necessary, especially whether there is a (intentional/unavoidable) siphon or whether it is simply air locking (unintentional high points, lack of air release/purge valves)."

Please respond to

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