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Does anyone know about any Instrument for BoD testing of waste water at field level? Need to find out the exact BoD of waste water instantly.

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BOD, is by definition the amount of oxygen demand over a certain time period (BOD5 is incubated for 5 days) so I can't see that you'll be able to get the exact BOD instantly.

However w-water are advertising BOD analysis within 3-4 hours with their CheckLight Early BOD kit:

I understand the BOD BART system can analyse BOD in 20 hours:

And headspace BOD can get values similar to the BOD5 in 2-3 days:

I have no experience of this, but COD can be measured more rapidly and may be used to estimate an equivalent BOD:

Alternatively you could perhaps measure the causative agents of the demand more rapidly and in the field - for example TOC:

If you just need to know the instantaneous dissolved oxygen concentration (DO), I have had good experience with Hach's LDO probes, otherwise their BOD track apparatus could be more appropriate:

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