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Does anyone know what people in high rises in urban emergencies are currently doing for excreta disposal? What are the actual practices, in for example,Syria right now

This came up on a course last week and I was just wondering if anyone did know the answer. This is based on the assumption that flush systems have been disconnected (but perhaps this is an incorrect assumption!)

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Dear NicNakNoe,

There are such items called ' Bog in a Bag' or 'Peepoo' bags ( for use in emergency situations where no immediate excreta disposal is available. The bags contain powdered urea to inactivate the pathogens in the excreta. These are easy to carry, can be used any where and should be disposed of in a designated and protected area where they can be left to biodegrade.

The establishment, advertisement and use of a protected designated disposal area is essential to prevent these becoming 'flying' latrines, that is thrown out of windows for convenience!

I don't have any information on current coping strategies in Syria.

Best wishes Pauline R from REDR

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I have heard that water and electric may be available but only for around 2 hours a day. This would enable flushing during that time slot.

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