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WASH advice to local NGOs in Srinagar, India

I am looking for some WASH experts to provide advice to some local NGOs in Srinagar India providing flood relief. These groups do not have technical experts but no INGOs are there and UN agencies are not being allowed in, and hundreds of thousands have been affected 1. Best approaches for water treatment at the community and household level. 2. Best simple information management tools. I don't want to send them the 3W/4W forms. Need something much simpler. Thanks, Arif

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Hi Arif

Am I correct in assuming that if this is a flood relief project, the main concern is short term minimisation of the risks of the usual flood associated water-bourne diseases (cholera, hep-A, typhoid, leptospirosis, etc.)? All of these can be controlled with adequate disinfection of all water intended for potable use. Leptospirosis is a partial exception as you can contract this from direct contact with contaminated flood water.

You mention community level and household level treatment. To me, if you can treat at the community-level and have an adequate secure water network delivering water to the point of use, community disinfection is safer and cheaper.

However, if you need to treat at household level, there are a number of questions in this forum that discuss the options including:

We could give more specific advice if you give some more information. For example could you let us know what the existing water infrastructure is, and if/how it has been adversely affected by the floods? It would also be good to know if people have been displaced by the floods or are in their own homes, and if displaced, how long the displacement is likely to continue for. It would also be very helpful to know what the water source is.

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Hi Arif, RedR Experts would be happy to provide more advice but it would be better to do so on a case by case basis as each village situation can be different. Can you provide more information? The local NGOs can also post questions directly if they are able. Or contact RedR directly by email on and we can make contact by phone/skype to discuss this situation in more detail. Regards Harriette

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