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Has anyone done any decent evaluation on the use of solar lights/chargers in emergencies?

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Oxfam GB rarely carries out NFI distributions and have never handed out solar lanterns as part of a kit for beneficiaries but say they have worked alongside other NGOs who are distributing lanterns, for example at Dollo Addo in Ethiopia. I've not seen reports or feedback.

Two years ago Oxfam GB made an effort to appraise the units that were available on the market so that if they were asked to supply or recommend they would have 'pre-selected' a product or could give information to influence a purchase made by a country team. If I can find more information on this I will share it with you.

Most recently Oxfam have tested (... actually staff using them for camping trips) the WakaWaka and Nokero products. These both were given good feedback and the websites are worth a look:

Regards, Harriette

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Below is a link to a comparison document that was written by Oxfam staff in 2013. A couple of other lights were added in 2013 but it does not include the NoKero units, which I only found out about this year.

Comparison document for solar lights/lanterns

The other option that I have seen is the Gravity Light which was a winner at the Innovation Challenge at last year's AidEx event in Brussels. This unit has no batteries or panels to break down. It could be ideal for poor communities and homes. I received a production prototype earlier this year and I think that the unit is now available.



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