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Emergency WASH courses

RedR UK used to do a series of emergency WASH short courses in the summer. I saw one in Switzerland with the IFRC, RedR still does some training (but in a different format) and there is a group/company that runs one in Madagasar. What else is out there?

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In France, BioForce ( runs a lot of humanitarian courses, both long and short, and includes a WASH short course ( bottom of the page) as well as degrees.

There is also Groupe URD who looks at links between relief and development, and has a course on Water and ecosan in crises (

In Germany, the GTO offers a few courses including one on 'Sustainable Sanitation in Emergencies and Reconstruction Situations' see

Maybe have a look at


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RedR continues to run a variety of WASH courses in a variety of formats. We have just run a 'WASH in Emergencies' course in Brussels, 'WASH Essentials in Emergencies' is scheduled for November and 'Urban WASH in Emergencies' is scheduled for February. Take a look at the RedR website for full details:

Regards Harriette

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Hi there! Not sure if this is still of use to you, but we published an article related to this last year: "Landscape of WASH-relevant Training for Humanitarian Emergencies".

Hope this helps.

Caetano Dorea

Univ. Laval

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