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If we have international staff evacuated to their home countries in Europe, what treatment is available to them? (I understand that there are no further supplies of ZMAPP)

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I am afraid I do not have a definitive answer to this, but I just spotted this news report which is relevant.

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As Erik mentioned, there is no definitive cure for Ebola hemorrhagic fever other than managing its symptoms and wait for the patient immune system to fight the infection.

The main therapy course can be then summarized into two main actions: fluid management and pain management. I would suggest you refer to MSF 2008 VHF guidelines and Blumber et al. chapter on VHF, both available on Medbox for download, for the specifics of the therapy course.

The use of transfused plasma has been tried in the past: however in spite the positive outcome (8 of 10 patients survived), the effectiveness of this promising treatment is still being debated. Other potential treatment options (that is, options being explored but with no definitive results supporting their efficacy) are the Zmapp cocktail, hyperimmune globuline, rybonucleic acid (siRNA), and interferons. For a full review of all the treatments being developed, I would suggest you refer to the WHO background document on the matter, also available on Medbox.

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