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Does anyone have a document on plastic recycling business plan?

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Hi, have a look at the great "Start your waste business" guide by It details all the steps needed to establish such a business, including business plans, for various kinds of waste. Appendices have lots of useful tips for various kinds of plastics.

In addition, on you have this page on plastics that links to relevant organisations as well as price indexes.


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ILO and UNEP have also produced intereting materials on how to start your recycling business

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Hi Trashboy, could you please put links to these materials? Thanks!

Rémi Kaupp gravatar imageRémi Kaupp ( 2014-12-03 16:27:06 +0000 )edit

Dear Binaya,

For practical action I developed a factsheet about starting a plastic recycling business: I have various plastic recycling business plans. It depends on the type of plastic, the amount of plastic available and the country. Contact me at and we can discuss what you need. With kind regards, Sophie

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