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I want to develop a multiple-use system in my garden. Where can i find information about doing that?

I want to develop a multiple-use system in my garden. Where can I information about how to do that? are there any designs developed by others that I could use?

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Stef, can you clarify exactly what you mean by a multiple-use system for your context? Are you looking to treat the grey water from your house and re-use it for your garden? And are you also looking to treat your black water?

ErikH gravatar imageErikH ( 2012-04-27 11:31:37 -0500 )edit

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Here is a website of someone (I do not know them) who has done some self-build reed-bed systems that woudl be good for grey water treatment and for effleunt treatment from a septic tank. Let me know if this is what you are looking for or please clarify your question.

Reed Beds

PS general functionality note .... with this one I noticed I could not answer it until I had made a comment first, is that anyone elses experience?

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Thanks @ErikH, I will look into that.

Knowledgepoint Admin gravatar imageKnowledgepoint Admin ( 2012-04-30 11:21:38 -0500 )edit
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