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What are the recommendations for emptying latrines and septic tanks in an ETC/ETU and the off-site transportation of excreta?

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Septic or holding tanks should be designed to hold wastewater for as long as feasibly possible (click here for further details) with a regular emptying schedule based on generated wastewater volumes. Full PPE should be worn at all times when handling or transporting excreta off-site and great care should be taken to avoid splashing. For crews, this includes pumping out tanks or unloading pumper trucks. After handling, and once there is no risk of further exposure, individuals should safely remove PPE before entering the transport vehicle.

Source: WHO & UNICEF (Reviewed by MSF, CDC, and Tufts 2014) Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Key questions and answers concerning water, sanitation and hygiene

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For emptying the ETC/UTC excreta beyond the safety operation by itself, a simple farmer recommendation might be to install - at least a couple of weeks before – a temperature sensor inside the latrines/septic tanks.

The temperature of the excreta and its evolution might help to clarify incertitude on biodegradation facing chlorination debate – currently regarding also the emptying operational protocol – namely cause influencing the choice/acceptation and/or management of the final location.

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