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Well drilling companies in Mozambique


I have received this question: "Would you know any reputable water well contractors in Maputo Mozambique to drill new and/or rehabilitate old water wells – for industrial supply?"



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From my years of experience in Mozambique, I just want to add some points: Profuro is good for urban drilling, but no longer focused on projects outside Maputo or Beira. GM Todd is a good driller, particular for the North (Cabo Delgado and Nampula) but relatively expensive. Afrodrill is okay, but usually uninterested in smaller (<40 boreholes) projects.

My recommendations for relatively small (<5 boreholes) and outside major towns would be Mozagua (Roy: +258 823198350) and Sugec (also known as Jiangsu- 2145 6265 ) if supervised. A niche company around Maputo/matola is H2O (Jako: +258 825557520 / 847665471).

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Thanks Arjen!

Rémi Kaupp gravatar imageRémi Kaupp ( 2015-02-04 14:50:10 +0000 )edit

Response from the WaterAid Mozambique team:

The following contractors are the most known to be doing a very good job :

GM TOOD CRAIG – 843024966

PROFURO INTERNACIONAL – 843022020 / 843500109 / 21780489 /


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