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Guidance on responding to floods

As Malawi and Mozambique were ravaged by floods, WaterAid Southern Africa is looking to offer guidance to the country programs in those countries. Can people forward references on response to floods? Thanks so much!

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Here are a few links to excellent emergency WASH response books. If you need some specific info on a topic please let me know and i'll send you an email. Hope this helps.

Engineering in Emergencies - a practical guide for relief workers:

The Sphere Handbook, Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response:

Technical notes on WASH in emergencies:

Sanitation in Emergency Situations:

Emergency Water supply:


Sanitary survey:


WASH in healthcare facilities in emergencies:

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The main issues will be destruction of infrastructure and loss of crops and livestock that will have an impact on food security and incomes in the coming year.

Here is a link to some information on the website of the Food and Agricultural Organisation and our plans to work with the Government of Malawi and other partners on crops and livetock issues;

I hope that this is of interest.

Martin Ager

Water Resources Officer

FAO Office for Southern Africa

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