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TOPO Survey assistance - Sudan

Dear RedR team

I am stationed in Bentiu in South Sudan and have received a Top Con Total Station to carry out a topo survey for an area 800m by 1500m.

As we prepare for the topo survey, we are carrying out smaller surveys and are having trouble interpreting the data as the last time I used a total station was at least 8 years ago. Is it possible to get step by step guidelines for use for this and any helpful hints that will ensure accurate results.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Rose, I have sent you an email with the contact details mentioned below and marked as 'xx'. Please contact us if you have any further problems or contact problems. Best wishes and Good luck Pauline RedR

RedR TSS gravatar imageRedR TSS ( 2015-01-31 17:33:13 +0000 )edit

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Dear Pauline

We had an excellent surveyor based in South Sudan for several years called Zaman. Who I worked with closely when I was there. He will be able to help Rose with all technical questions, and also understands the constraints and challenges of working in Bentiu.

I spoke to him on Skype. His response was as follows:

“ Please give me her contact details My mobile number is + xxxxxxx Please ask her to call me +xxxxxxxx I need to know more details about the problems. What is the Model no of instrument? Was it downloaded by sd card or data cable? Have they completed the survey correctly? My email xxxxxxxxxxxx His Skype is: xxxxxxxx”

He is currently in Bangladesh. But would be very happy to support Rose. He is very helpful, very experienced and can talk her through the problem.

Hope this is helpful. Nick G.

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Message from Rose sent on Sunday 1/2/15

Thank you very much. Will contact him now.

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