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Repair of spring protection scheme

I'm writing on behalf of a small NGO that has a problem with a spring protection scheme in Tanzania. A leak has emerged in the lower front corner of the structure resulting in the water level dropping below the output pipe. Are there any guidelines/tips for cheap repair materials and reinforcement? Also whether to repair on the outside or inside of the structure. Many thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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I don't know if if is possible to drain the structure and keep it dry or the size of the leak but probably the best/cheapest solution would a concrete render on the inside. If you have to do it on the outside then you would probably need a mass concrete structure, doubling or more the thickness of the wall, perhaps with some reinforcement depending on the height.

Other alternatives could include installing a heavy duty plastic or butyl rubber lining in the tank.

There is a product Xypex which can be used to seal leaks in concrete and can be placed in the wet. It comes in various forms but details can be found at Under their Contacts you can find a form for submitting an enquiry to an agent in Tanzania.

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