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I am looking for a school WASH education program in either Marathi or Hindi

You can see a little about the work we are doing in the article on pages 14 to 16 in this Australian based publication: You can also see more about what we are trying to do on our Facebook page:

We recently started building toilets at a school in the city of Nasik in Maharashtra. 500 kids and no toilets. The school is typical - high drop out rate among adolescent girls, high daily absentee rate across the student body. I have been looking for months for a good quality WASH education program for the school. Ideally it should be in Marathi but of course we can arrange for translation. I am particularly interested in using colourful flip charts, interactive games and that sort of thing. Also looking for posters to put up in the toilets when construction is completed. Any other appropriate parephnallis would be of interest too. Does anyone know of any such programs? Who are the top experts in this kind of thing? Also, once we have a program in place, I would like to work with the kids to take the message through the surrounding community. What I have seen of SLTS suggests to me that it has potential to be more effective than standard CLTS programs. UNICEF Nepal seem to have great success with this approach. Is there anyone in India that is considered to be a CLTS expert?

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Dear Mark,

The Ministry of Drinking Water & Sanitation has produced a range of IEC materials for WASH in Schools in Hindi, see

The UNICEF India IEC eWaterhouse has a collection of school sanitation and hygiene promotion materials in several Indian languages though unfortunately nothing of much use for you in Marathi - and respectively.

There are several other WASH in Schools websites with resources in English:

The "father" of CLTS Kamal Kar, hails from India and runs the CLTS Foundation. CLTS has come under increasing criticism of late for coercive practices, uproven sustainability and inflated success rates.

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Dear Mark,

Two other useful documents could be:

The Joy of Learning: Participatory lesson plans on hygiene, sanitation, water, health and the environment. A guide for teachers and others who want to design participatory learning activities on hygiene and sanitation as part of, or in addition to, their school curriculum or in work with other children aged 2 to 14. The document is divided into two parts: theory and lesson plans.

School sanitation and hygiene education - India. Resource book (developed in the context of the School Water and Sanitation Towards Health and Hygiene (SWASTHH) programme in India).

The Resource Book and the Handbook are practical manuals Both books contain a number of activity sheets to assist managers and trainers in their work.

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Just to reiterate the comments already made, some IEC materials are available on this link in Hindi.

The Unicef repository can be explored for more such materials in Hindi.

From: Shivani Jha Practical Action India

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