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Can you recommend an NGO with experience in sanitation, especially UDDT or composting toilets, in Tanzania, Kilimanjaor district?

We are planning a solid WaSH project near Mwanga, have support from local district, and a great water-side NGO with experienced staff. But we don't have an experienced NGO with sanitation and toilet experience, including CLTS, behavior change, sanitation marketing, etc. Based on initial assessment, we are leaning toward UDDT, composting or possibly a newer design toilet (e.g. microflush from Ghana). But we need an NGO with good implementation experience and nearby staff, to support this aspect of the project.

Can you please recommend NGOs, and provide contact info? Thanks, Stew Martin, Rotary

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CCI is currently implementing simplified sewerage scheme in the informal settlements of Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. Is there any experience from other parts of Africa?

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In this area I can recommend the Centre for Community Initiatives (CCI) ( / or email me at for mobile phone details). They only work in urban areas though; they have tried UDDTs but with relatively low take-up, so their lessons would be interesting.


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Action Toilets has a good approach in latrines and toilets. They work, in particular, in shantytowns and very poor groups or communities. They are at Mnbezi beach in Dar Es Salaam.

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CCI would be the best option for this as recommended by Remi Kaupp, other option would be

EEPCO Keko NHC Building Block 9, Plot 23 – 24 Appt 003 Ground Floor (on Changombe Road) DAR ES SALAAM (TANZANIA) website: E-mail: and

Tel: +255222866221, +255754298870, +255754316328, +255754276808

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