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Treating effluent from septic tanks in cholera affected areas

Hi all,

Can anyone advise of a simple method using a tank which can safely treat effluent from septic tank in an area where cholera may be present? Is it possible to treat this effluent to a level where it can be discharged to the environment without the use of chlorine or other chemical harmful to the environment?

This is area is a densely packed slum with good access to a water supply but obviously no sewage network.

Please let me know if you need further details.

Thank you, Sarah

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Hi Sarah,

Within the EU FP7 Speedkits project IBBK has developed a device which can treat the effluents from septic tanks. Together with the University of Hohenheim we have conducted tests and have proven that our device will be able to kill cholera pathogens within one hour of treatment. Then the effluent can be used to generate energy and get stabilized in an anaerobic system. The output is then sanitised stabilized and can be used as a fertiliser or for composting purposes.

For further information please refer to the project website or ask further questions.

Best regards,

Michael Köttner

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