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I am looking at recycling plastic water bottles to eventually make Sato pans. Is this possible? What would I need and what are some potential costs as I would like to try this out locally at at least 5000 pieces a week. I will be so glad if I am assisted

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Dear Mordecai, If you have a concrete idea or business plan, maybe the Free Feedback Friday sessions on plastic recycling are useful for you: Free Feedback on your business plan with Sophie van den Berg, Senior Recycling Adviser at WASTE and Saskia Reus-Makkink, Africa Funded. In this session we support entrepreneurs with concepts that will result in better quality of (surface)water in developing countries via plastic recycling. This session is sponsored by Aqua for All and is part of their program to support entrepreneurs with innovative concepts that increase access to water and sanitation for the poor.

In the 30-minute Skype sessions experts of Aqua for All / WASTE and Africa Funded share their extensive market knowledge, network and expertise in the area with entrepreneurs that want to start or grow their company in a developing nation. At March 27th Sophie van den Berg will brainstorm with you about realizing your recycling business in a developing country. Saskia Reus-Makkink can provide advice to get your organization ready to fund raise.

Free Feedback Friday is a registered concept of Africa Funded. All information discussed in the sessions is treated confidentially and not shared without permission of the entrepreneur. If there is mutual interest and fit with the programs of Aqua for All or partner organization WASTE, we will take a closer look on your concept. Places are limited, please connect for a speed date session via Skype or connect today to reserve your slot via Skype: FreeFeedbackFriday and mention: Plastics

With kind regards, Sophie

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Thank you. Sent through an email

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Dear Mordecai,

Somehow your email never reached me. We will have another session of Free Feedback Friday plastic end of May. Let me know if you are interested to participate, my emailadress is

With kind regards, Sophie

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