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Specifications for a solar pump, with total head of water 45 feet

I have a challenge on Solar pumps, I have a shallow well of 15 feet depth and the distance from source is 30 feet to the top of the tank. In total the head of water is 45 feet. What should be the size of pump? How big should be the battery?

I want the pump to be installed on DC powered (solar), to be used for pumping water to my small farm where I have 120 chicken and twenty pigs.

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Water head/ pressure wise 15m (~45 feet) isn't that much and more or less any submersible well-pump can do that. The question is rather how much water you want to pump (and your well can supply) and according to that you can select a pump with the appropriate pump curve (which shows head vs. quantity pumped). According to the specifications of the choosen pump you need to select an appropriate energy supply/battery.

On a side note: if you have sufficient water storage it might be worth looking into a pump with an inverter that runs directly of the variable solar power, something like this: (random internet link, no endorsement of the specific product). These are a bit more expensive, but you can save on the longer term battery maintenance costs.

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