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How much pressure is required to run a Pelton turbine to generate 440kw power?

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Dear Binaya, please have a look at page 2 of this file It is not only a question of pressure but also of flow. These are the 2 relevant parameters which allow you to calculate the power (rough estimate: power = head x flow x 7) Best regards Hedi

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Rather than start from selecting the required output power, it is usual to start from the available flow, the sites that are feasible to develop, the characteristic of each site (the available head and distance the water has to be transported etc.) and only then consider the most appropriate type of turbine and possible output.

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If you have an interest in the physics and the calculations, check this site: It is pretty detailed and a Pelton turbine or a micro turbine manufacturer may be able to help you size it to your situation. You may want to get an "engineer" to look into the problem for you... engineers are actually pretty nice people... lol

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