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What countries do practice floating garden worldwide

Would you inform the name of countries and if possible particular region where floating garden are practiced by the communities globally

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Other than Bangladesh where Practical Action has been working on floating gardens for some years and Oxfam HK are also supporting Floating Gardens...

it looks as though Burma / Myanmar is the main location where floating gardens are used most


These floating gardens are also found in Kashmir, Peru and Mexico. But Intha people are wise enough to turn these floating gardens into hydroponics farming. The gardens are formed naturally from the mixture of hyacinth, buoyancy and some decay roots and anchored with bamboo poles in the shallow lake. Mainly tomatoes and gourds are planted on floating gardens.

And to a lesser extent Mexico and Baira in India.

I was also contacted by someone in the Philippines who wanted to start, in a unused fishpond, floating raft system vegetable farming.

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I am not too sure what you mean of "floating garden" here exactly? I know of "floating villages" and "floating treatment pods", see here on the SuSanA discussion forum for Cambodia:

We also have this sub-category for flooded areas:

Wikipedia has this information about floating gardens (in Mexico):

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