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What is social marketing and integrated marketing communication?


Where can I find the most relevant texts on social marketing that I can apply in an NGO platform for sanition in Indonesia?

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Social marketing is an integral part of the more recent integrated marketing communication domain.

Three components will be highlighted below.

First on social marketing that includes:

What is social marketing? What are the basic characteristics of social marketing? What are the key steps in designing a social marketing campaign?

They come from Frequently Asked Questions on Hygiene Promotion:

The second tool is: Communication design steps, eight steps for planning Integrated Marketing Communication for a Behavioural Impact, in which social marketing elements are included. This includes a table for step 2 . Situational "Market" Analysis vis-á-vis Precise Behavioural Result.

The third segment is Understanding advocacy, social mobilisation and communication, published in De Jong (2003), Advocacy Thematic Overview Paper. This has definitions of these three components that are part of a continuum. The terms in the figure with the three circles as they were used in Sanitation planning in Bangladesh.

Originally posted by Dick de Jong (IRC, retired) on 19 January 2011.

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