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Has anyone any information of viable (cost) alternatives for reverse osmosis water treatment for turning high salinity water into potable water for consumption in Iraq

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There are many alternatives (see, but RO, MED & MSF are by far the most common.

The first question is why you want alternatives to reverse osmosis? What is it that RO can't do that you need or does that you don't want?

From your question, I'm guessing you just want the lowest cost option - but do you want lowest capital expenditure (capex), lowest operating costs (opex) or lowest total life cost. If lowest total life cost, what is the project lifespan and what is your cost of capital?

If you are looking for the lowest capex solution I'd be surprised if RO wasn't it. If you want the lowest opex solution and you have waste heat available, then it's likely to be MED at medium scale and MSF at large scale. Energy source and finance costs tend to drive the cost analysis of desal projects, so the cheapest solution in one situation may be far from cheapest in the next.

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