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Can someone direct me to resources on occupational safety and health risks of handling faecal sludge?

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WHO has a range of useful publications. The one I know best is a bit old "Guidelines for the safe use of wastewater and excreta in agriculture and aquaculture" but I see they also have SANITATION SAFETY PLANNING,MANUAL FOR SAFE USE AND DISPOSAL OF WASTEWATER,GREYWATER AND EXCRETA downloadable at which is more recent. Suggest browsing their publications to see what is most appropriate to your needs.

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Hello, here are some resources:


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Hello, We have an internal Mzuzu University Health and Safety Plan for Research on Solutions for Pit Desludging and Subsequent Sludge Management for our work in low income urban areas in Malawi. It guides our work by researchers and students alike. Let me know if this is what you are looking for and we can share our plan. Rochelle

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