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Drawing water using solar power

In order to draw water from a 10-meter deep well by solar power what sort of pump is needed? How many panels? Size of panels? Price for pump, panels? Liters water per hour, 10hr, 12hr, 16hr? Pump's expected life? Parts need replacing, how often? Cheapest way to build a tank?

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Thank you for your query.

We need to know the yield of the well, it is usually the well that determines how many liters/hour and hence size of the pump. Also the local skill base as to whether a submersible or well top pump could be used. We need a little more information about the circumstances and position of the well to be able to help you fully. We look forward to hearing from you.

Pauline, RedR

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A good questionnaire to help your fill in the right information can be found here:

Franklin Electric has some software available to help with selection. I have never used this latest version but the previous version was relatively good. But you will need the information noted on the form and by RedR TSS.

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Lorentz have very good software to design solar powered pumps. They are also a supplier of solar panels, pumps and accessories. Visit the following link:

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