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Details on waterless urinals for women?

This question was posted by Claudia Wendland in the SuSanA forum but nobody answered it and maybe some of you could help us with the answer here:

We have requests from several partners concerning waterless urinals for women. I am interested in knowing details, with special focus on design about them. I would appreciate if you could share your information with me or suggest a suitable person whom I can contact for details.

Also wanted to know what is the material used for making the membrane in waterless urinals and how to dispose the membrance after its use etc.

Best regards,

Balan Dr. K. Balachandra Kurup

Programme Director International

Institute of Waste Management (IIWM)


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I don't have particular experience in this area other than know that the technology between the male and female units are essentially the same, what differs is the ergonomic design.

There are a number of designs beyond the membrane version, but the membrane version is ostensibly the most cost effective version. I incidentally found this document which you may already know that I found helpful:

So perhaps the authors of this are a good place to start.

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