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Does anyone have any resources on inclusive/more accessible public toilets?

Moving away from a household towards a more institutional focus on accessible and inclusive technologies, it would be great to have any resources on this.

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Some useful resources include:

• The British “Good Loo Guide”, which aims at being as inclusive as possible for designing public toilets. It describes how people actually use toilets and what is needed, not just for layout but also for small things like handles, rails and so on. There’s also a section on management.

• The “Changing Places campaign guide”, which is for the UK and aims to have truly accessible toilets that can be used for people with severe disabilities. This is one step more than what we often work on, but the process of campaigning is very useful

See also this case study -

• There was a big campaign in the late 1990s called “Is there an accessible loo”, see this page for some ideas about the range of activities they undertook at the time. The organisation has disbanded, but now people are doing online reviews of accessible toilets!

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See Handicap International' s accessibility guide:

See also Water Aid's inclusive WaSH resources:

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All you want to know and more is available on

enjoy reading!

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