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Replacing candles in tents


Calais camp has suffered two fires in the last weeks. The primary shelter is tents and with no camp management, there are no fire breaks and so on. Fire extinguishers are being distributed but tents go up pretty quick. Meanwhile, the local fire department take 30mins-1hr to respond as they will not enter the camp without a substantial police escort.

The fires are due to candles being used in tents.

Is there a guide available that outlines other possible lighting options for this environment? Or are there any products out there that are suitable?

Some are fundraising for small lights with a solar panel however I suspect the northern winter climate would be deeply unsuitable for this, unless there is a product out there with really 'over-size' panels?

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One option that is not reliant on solar comes from a project in Nepal by an organisation called Light Up The World

The white light emitting diode project uses simple hand powered generators to power the low energy lighting systems in remote parts of the country. The projects is described on page 14 of Boiling Point Number 45.

Yori Jamin

University of Calgary, Mechanical Engineering

1111 22nd Ave NW



T2M 1P6


Tel: +1 (403)284-2596



The primary objective of the project is to introduce to the poor rural people of Nepal, a simple, healthy, affordable and reliable form of home lighting, using White Light Emitting Diodes (WLED). A WELD consumes less than one tenth of a Watt and has a continuous life in excess of ten years.

Lifeline Energy produce the Emergency Polaris Radio with flashlight. It is human powered and can also be charged from the mains.

Another non solar dependent lighting option is the gravity light

I don't have any direct experience of either of the above but they do attempt to provide light without solar or mains power.

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There are some novelties out there aimed at the situations you describe

There is another I will find, but again still in the "innovation show circuit" which may not help you at all... who knows

Here is another...

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