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What is the feasibility of using solar pumps in Ethiopia?

I am writing after visiting a school with a supporter, where the water source was down a hill and not being pumped up to the school grounds. This meant that the students were spending time collecting the water each morning. The supporter suggested that we might be able to use a solar pump technology to get the water to the school grounds. However, we are not clear on whether this is a suitable technology in the country context, what the cost would be and whether it can be fixed if it breaks etc. Any advice much appreciated!

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Can I suggest that many of the answers given here would be equally applicable in Ethiopia: You then just need someone with local knowledge specific to Ethiopia to comment on local availability & maintainability.

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This publication, Policy Recommendations to Improve the Sustainability of Rural Water Supply Systems Based on the Experience with Conventional and Photovoltaic Pumping Systems, provides some useful background information. Available here: rep9_11.pdf

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