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Agriculture in Southern Africa during drought

I’ve just had a very interesting conversation with a small charity working in southern Zambia. They started their work supporting schools.

They are facing some serious issues with lack of food for schools and I guess the situation in Zimbabwe is similar with late rains and high temperatures over the growing season.

• What advice do we have for growing crops other than maize and sorghum?

Some background to The Butterfly Tree, they started in education and supporting school but have had to respond to other related issues so now work in health, especially in malaria and HIV activities, they have also helped in developing boreholes and are more recently looking into agricultural issues so they don’t have much experience here.

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There is a high likelihood that I will be in Zimbabwe drilling wells in partnership with Mr. Armand Lanier and the Harare Institute of Technology very soon. I am using a newly invented tool that is ideal for drilling irrigation wells. Please let me know if you can assist in funding the wells you wish to install. If so please contact me after viewing this video:

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