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Standards for WASH services at checkpoints?

What standards or recommendations exist for WASH service provision at check- or border-crossing points where people are waiting in line for many hours?

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The Sphere standards include numerical standards for transit centres, which would be appropriate for the context described. Available at

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I am working on a similar issue so have the details to hand;

Sphere WASH appendix 2 - water

Reception/transitcentres 15 litres per person per day if stay is more than one day

3 litres per person per day if stay is limited to day-time

Appendix 3 - toilets

Reception/transit centres 1 toilet to 50 individuals; 3:1 female to male

Additional considerations we have are people not wanting to move out of line for fear or losing their place, and not wanting to go far for fear of being left behind. We have to negotiate with the authorities on this.

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