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Any information on simplified sewerage in africa?

CCI in Tanzania is currently implementing simplified sewerage solutions for informal settlements in Dar-es-Salaam. I wish to know whether there is any experience of this type of sanitation solutions in any other country in Africa

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Hello, have a look at the excellent work done by Ps-Eau on this topic: they did a worldwide review of such schemes, highlighting lessons on what makes them work or not (it's almost always down to utility capacity and willingness), as well as a practical guide for implementation. There are case studies from Africa too within the review.

It is the best resource I know; you can also have a look at the resources from Duncan Mara, which are more technical : simplified sewerage and settled sewerage.

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The Ps-Eau document looks useful, I shall be reading it with interest. there has been some simplified sewerage in done in South Africa, initially in Durban and Soweto I think, but I have been able to find out little about it, except that it was not very successful. I have just found a report on the WRC website that seems to summarise experience in South Africa and elsewhere.

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We have developed and using a low cost on –site sanitation anerobics system . As catalysts we are using an anerobics cocktail of bacteria that has been used by the Indian military for over the 20 year. The tanks size depends on no of users. The tank is made out of butyl – it’s a bag filled with water and the catalysts . The size of the tank depends no of users and volume of flush water. The Hydraulic Retention Time is 24 hours leaving effluent that can be safely discharged. We always recommend an additional simple ground filter. The water can be reused or run away. However it is essential to be tested like all waste water systems regularly.

We are installing In India and across Asia . One needs to have the catalysts in liquid format. This can be done using local set up to grow the catalysts to licence ...(more)

Hannah Simcoe-Read gravatar imageHannah Simcoe-Read ( 2016-02-11 12:40:04 +0000 )edit
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