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Training materials: safety and security at distribution sites?


I need training materials for managing safety and security at distribution sites.

This is for a humanitarian organisation distributing Food and Non-Food Items to displaced populations.

Many thanks for your help.

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The best documentation on food distribution security is the ODI publication "general food distribution in emergencies from nutritional needs to political priorities". The title is a bit of a mouthful but the document can be downloaded from -

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Thank you all for the support. I do appreciate your contributions.

Regards, Clayton

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Hi, I would recommend WHO pamphlets and guides and of course the redR emergency relief book : Engineering in Emergencies - a practical guide for relief workers by Jan Davis and Robert Lambert ISBN : 1 85339 222 7, which will give you some information on preferred methods. There is also the UNHCR book : Handbook for emergencies. You may be able to develop some training materials from these books.

I hope this helps, Pauline

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