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Broken cereal milling grinder

A cereal milling grinder is currently not breaking down nuts into a smooth paste; is it possible to use two industrial grinding disks and push the nuts through the rotating disks. Are there any risks associated with this method?

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Dear Ahana I see that you've not had much response on the Knowledge Point website to your question, so I'm passing it on directly to our RedR KP experts. In the meantime, please let us know if you are still having a problem or if you have found a solution elsewhere.

Kind regards, Leigh

LC Jones RedR-UK Knowledge Point Administrator

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Thank you for replying and I will let you know if I found a solution.

Ahana Shrestha gravatar imageAhana Shrestha ( 2016-05-03 11:08:58 +0000 )edit

Hi Ahana,

I'm happy to help, although my background is in Electrical Engineering (I am employed as a Service Engineer within the Healthcare industry). I must admit I have no real working knowledge of cereal milling grinders, but speaking as a service engineer I would like to know what is the problem with the grinder. Is it just that the original disks have worn out? I assume so and that is why you are asking about replacing them with industrial disks. Do you know the make/model of the grinder and perhaps you could work back from there in order to try and get some manuals online about it? Better still do have these manuals? I am sure the makers of the grinder will want you to purchase their own disks and for good reason, but at least it is a start. What disks are you referring too? Do you have a spec for them -- I presume they would physically fit? There may well be better placed people out there to answer this problem, but hopefully we can get some information for your request.

Best Regards Steve

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Thank you for replying. I have conveyed your message to the enquirer and I will get back to you as soon as I get a reply from the enquirer.

Ahana Shrestha gravatar imageAhana Shrestha ( 2016-05-10 06:19:02 +0000 )edit
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