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WASH behavior change resources

USAID is developing a Virtual Behavior Change Institute that will serve as a “Resource Center” for strengthening the capacity of USAID Missions, implementing partners and other in-country actors to design, implement and evaluate behavior change programming for key WASH behaviors such as safe drinking water management and treatment, handwashing with soap, disposal of infant feces, etc.

We are looking for the top 10 resources (can be videos, guidance documents, webinars, trainings, etc.) on behavior change or WASH behavior change that we should include in the institute. Any suggestions?

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Hi Meley, have you now identified the top 10 resources or are you still looking? Harriette @RedR

Harriette Purchas gravatar imageHarriette Purchas ( 2016-07-20 16:51:43 +0000 )edit

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I set up something similar for the SuSanA discussion forum which I called "Top-5" key documents on behavior change (and important links). See here:

Hope this helps. I am interested to know which ones you choose in the end. Can you give feedback here or on the SuSanA discussion forum? Thanks.

By the wa,y key documents for other topics are available from this page:

Regards, Elisabeth

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Thank you for forwards about my dreams. I am Atikilt kassaw From Ethiopia. I have taken different training and forums about Hygiene, sanitation and water. and also i am a member of national level Watsan team. i attached my documents if you invite me to work with you i am eager. i have an ample experience of planning, monitoring and evaluation of WaSH activities. and also i have different manuals and guidelines on housekeeping,laundry operation, infection prevention and control,WaSH. *Kind Regards * *Atikilt Kassaw TilahunBSc in Environmental Health Science.Head, GAMBY Teaching General hospital HousekeepingLaundry Operation and Infection Prevention Team.E-mail - <> * *Phone no + (251) 960 84 37 07 * * BahirDar-Ethiopia* [Atikilt kassaw Tilahun.docx](/upfiles/14588924254529658.docx)

Atikilt kassaw gravatar imageAtikilt kassaw ( 2016-03-25 07:53:46 +0000 )edit

Thank you Elisabeth for your comment. Your SuSanA post is very similar to what we are looking for in behavior change. We want the virtual institute to be accessed and widely shared by our WASH colleagues so we will absolutely keep you in the loop. If you can share your e-mail with me, I can ensure that you will be a part of our updates. Thanks again.

Meley Woldeghebriel gravatar imageMeley Woldeghebriel ( 2016-04-04 19:35:21 +0000 )edit

Hi everyone, I am working on a USAID project integrating WASH and Nutrition. Does anyone know of any material/guides i could use to refer work on BCC?

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