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Hygiene Promotion training courses

Does anyone know of a good short course in hygiene promotion programming for development?

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There is very little training available outside of specific organisations as far as I know.

RedR India used to run courses for working in emergencies but there don't seem to be any scheduled currently. See their website: There is also a training package for HP in emergencies on the WASH cluster website: (server currently down) There is also an online Oxfam course on IEC:

There is quite a lot of crossover between emergencies and development - same principles apply of listening and involving communities.

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Thanks Suze, yes much as I expected. I am aware of all of these for the humanitarian sector but had a feeling there is a bit of a dearth of options in the development side of things. We are busy working with Open University and others to try develop sector wide open education resources for WASH - OpenWASH but this will be a way off yet, see here: Thanks for your response. As this network grows hopefully we will be able to unearth more of these types of resources!

ErikH gravatar imageErikH ( 2013-10-10 06:49:23 -0500 )edit

RedR is running a one day Introduction to Hygiene Promotion in Emergencies on 8 Nov 2013. For organisations looking to train more than eight members of staff, with specialist needs or limited time, our Tailor-made Training and Consultancy Service is the most effective way to meet your objectives and can cater for training needs world wide.

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You can find loads of hygiene promotion training materials through the WASH Library, to get a list use this link.

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