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Guidelines or standards for WASH support to school feeding programs in Southern Africa

We are working in a context of El Nino drought response in Southern Africa as the WASH sector supporting the education sector on school feeding programmes.

I am looking for guidelines on standards and requirements specifically supporting school feeding.

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Thank you for your query. Just to be sure the query goes to the right people, I am presuming you are referring to hygiene issues, or are you also interesed in water quality, water sourcing and or waste management/control? Many thanks Pauline RedR

RedR TSS gravatar imageRedR TSS ( 2016-06-10 13:36:01 +0000 )edit

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Ben, I was also not 100% clear what you are specifically looking for. WaterAid is in the process of developing its own guidelines based on sector best practice and our own experiences fro School WASH services, but not with a direct link to feeding programmes. One example that might be useful to you though is this one from Uganda: link text

or for a more WASH only focused one, this one from UNICEF: link text

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