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Syria - Cable Material for Submersible Solar Pumps

How important is the use of TML cable from ground level to the Pump? PVC cable is available - manufactured - locally 3x6mm. TML will have to be air-freighted. Only taking 10,000 liters per day. Grundfos SQFlex Series selected. Coated Aluminium pex riser (30mm OD). Advice gratefully received! Thanks, Nigel

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Unless there are local codes that require TML insulation, PVC insulation should be OK. In the U.S. National Electrical Code, PVC insulation is comparable to THW-2 or TW which is allowed for submersible pumps.
"Twisted Type TW Thermoplastic PVC Submersible Pump Cable - UL Approved - CLIPPED from U.S. supplier website." Do be careful when making the splices. PVC insulation usually has a lower temperature rating than the TML (EPR) insulation thus lower amp rating for same wire size. You want to be sure to check for voltage drop issues due to often long wire runs. If you have sized the cable for low voltage drop, ampacity rating usually is well taken care of.

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Thanks Larry, Got through to Grundfos product support and they agree, Voltage drop is the key here. I think we will use single strand 6mm supplied by our Local PV panel supplier. One size cable will then "fit all" - KISS the byword! nigel

Nigel Stuart gravatar imageNigel Stuart ( 2016-06-14 17:28:16 +0000 )edit
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