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Where can I purchase faso soap?

I am hoping that this product "faso soap" is soon to be made available in Malawi.

I am an American with a humanitarian project we need such a essential, affordable soap. We have already this season alone lost so many to malaria.

Please contact me with news in regards to where I can purchase or even make it. Can someone give me a contact number or email?

Thank you


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Hi Diana,

The good news is that Faso Soap crowdfunding campaign raised enough funds to work towards production; the bad news is the soap is not yet commercialized, as the crowdfunding ended on May 2016.

The start-up is based in Ouagadougu, Burkina, and can be contacted at fasosoap [at] gmail [dot] com

If soap availability or affordability is a problem in the community you are working with, using ashes is a viable alternative for hand washing and was discussed in this thread.

Reducing mosquito breeding sites by improving surface drainage and waste disposal practices (e.g. from uncontrolled dumping to the use of a waste pit) is also important, especially if impregnated mosquito nets and repellents are not available or too expensive.

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