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Key events, conventions which influenced progress in the drinking water and sanitation sector

A workshop/ seminar is to be held in Sri Lanka for budding officers in the foreign service of their countries, and drawn mostly from the Asian region. They will be introduced to many areas of interest and water is among them. I was asked whether I could make a presentation on the important subject of Drinking Water and Sanitation.

I am retired and do not have an office and library and so do not have information on hand. What would be important for that audience will not be a volume of information on rivers, lakes etc but more on the obtaining issues, the conventions that countries are committed to, and how and why they came about. A chronology of events from Mar del Plata will be helpful as also a list of Institutions such as the WSSCC, World Water Council, Global Water Partnership, IRC,WSP, the JMP, the Global Sanitation Fund and their missions will be useful. Contact information on the institutions/agencies and whom to contact could be useful.

I have information on the MDGs and SDGs, the Paris Declaration.

If you would be kind enough to send me a brief para on, one or two of the above or any report which would provide information for me to put together a helpful presentation, I shall be very thankful. I am not asking that you spend time on researching but on giving me the benefit of your memory on the above.

The seminar is being planned for mid, late july and any information at your earliest, will help.

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Regarding overviews of WASH-related events and declarations here are some relevant sources:

WASHWatch: Global declarations

Mount, D.C. & Bielak, A.T., 2011. Deep words, shallow words: an initial analysis of water discourse in four decades of UN Declarations : a UNU-INWEH contribution to Rio+20, Hamilton, ON, Canada: United Nations University, International Network on Water, Environment and Health, UNU-INWEH

International WASH cooperation – past and future: an insider’s view. Interview with Piers Cross, 2013

For a list of key global water organisations see the list of UN-Water members.

Finally, IRC has just published an analysis of 11 global and regional trends in the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector:

Rognerud, I., Fonseca, C., Kerk, A. van der & Moriarty, P., 2016. IRC trends analysis, 2016–2025. The Hague, The Netherlands: IRC.

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