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Composting Latrine- Design Help- Sub-Saharan Africa

Hi there,

I'm part of an organisation building a new school in Zambia, Africa. Part of our design remit is to design 4 toilet facilities within the site.

We are looking to design Solar enhanced / Ventilation Improved Pit Latrines (similar to a precedent by ARUP in the Druk White Lotus School, India.)

I was wondering if anyone has experience of designing / building this sort of latrine? Any experience / detail drawings of how to design/build these would be much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

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Not a direct answer I am afraid, but you could try contacting ARUP to see if thet would be willing to share the design with you. As a large international consultancy they may be willing to demonstrate social responsibility by effectively donating a design which has already been completed and paid for, so will not cost them much in either time or lost fees.

There is an associate named Hayley Gryc involved with school development who may be a good point of contact.

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This is not a direct answer either, but Practical Action have info on composting toilets on their website, for example:

Also Water Aid have some good material on their website. they my have standard design somewhere. Great youtube video on compost toilets in Malawi here and Haiti

I have helped install a commercially purchased compost toilet in Gateshead area UK and have seen and used various units at Permaculture gardens in the UK

Cheers Garry

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