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We’re currently looking at ways to improve KnowledgePoint as a service. To make sure we can make it the most useful possible tool, we’re asking current users to provide some feedback on how they use the site and what improvements they would like to see. Please take 5 minutes to answer the survey using the link below, and help us make sure that KnowledgePoint continues to help provide answers to all your humanitarian questions.

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Great idea re the survey - I've filled it in

Rianne C ten Veen gravatar imageRianne C ten Veen ( 2016-09-09 08:47:24 -0500 )edit

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Switching to a standard open-source Q&A platform would help. For example Mamute could be an option:

Alternatively some tag based sub-categories would be a good idea?

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Thank you for your comments and feedback. We are currently reviewing our tag system and we will take your suggestion into consideration as well as the platform. Thankyou for your time. Pauline RedR TSS

RedR TSS gravatar imageRedR TSS ( 2016-09-07 11:18:37 -0500 )edit

Adding the option of selecting a specific continent of the world and subcategories might be a good idea.

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The question boxes currently ask for this information so we can look at reflecting this in the search function so users can gather information by region or country. Thanks for this suggestion. Harriette @RedR

Harriette Purchas gravatar imageHarriette Purchas ( 2016-09-09 03:36:22 -0500 )edit

Please use capital letters where need - case in point the People & Groups Tab along with the Questions Tab.

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