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How do we get water to everyone, everywhere?

At World Water Week we asked people how we can inspire young people to find ingenious ways to ensure universal water access. We had some great suggestions but want more! What do you think?

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A thought that applies anywhere after collection or abstraction is to concentrate on minimising leakage, or other losses and contamination. Also recycling/ grey water use for non potable applications such as irrigation, sanitation etc.

Early agreement incorporating rain water collection & storage in the design of a building will be easier than adding it later, this needs commitment from the top when a building is specified and a budget agreed.

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Hello! The planet is asking/crying for a strong, gentle and wide energy source! Hard to say why few people may 'reach and understand' this design: More basic data may be sent! Am I so nutty and crazy? Hm? Thanx for attention! Best regards! Murilo

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